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Bunye Ngene




Bunye Ngene, grew up in Lagos, Nigeria. Following a bachelor's degree in German studies at the University of Ibadan, he moved to Germany for a master's degree in German as a foreign language at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich.

His stories (German and English) are inspired by the uniqueness of everyday life and the interaction of different social groups.

When he's not writing or reading (literary fiction, thriller and fantasy) he's thinking of ways to be a happier person. He currently lives in Munich, Germany.

His debut novel The Bodies That Move was a Finalist at The Next Generation Indie Books Awards 2021 and a

Semi-finalist in the category General Fiction at the BookLife Prize 2021

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The Bodies That Move

Die Körper, die sich bewegen



"(...) Ngene's conversational prose style effectively captures the pressures of Nosa's plight. The story also offers some insight on the hazardous conditions of migrants attempting to travel from Africa to Europe; Nosa’s own journey is shown to be a long and dangerous one that crosses international boundaries, war-torn countries, and even the Sahara Desert."

Kirkus Reviews




"From the very first page of the book, readers will know they are in the hands of a good writer, but soon they will realize they are under the spell of a great one. Ngene writes sparely, cleanly, and with quiet force." 

BookLife Prize

"(...) This outstanding fictionalized chronicle by Bunye Ngene tells this particular part of their story in its full, shocking detail, (...) His calm demeanour and writing style are alluring, easing you effortlessly into what might otherwise be an entirely inhospitable read."  

Matt McAvoy, Senior Editor of MJV Literary Author Services

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For publishing and writing inquiries, please contact: 

Agence Hoffman GmbH

Hohenstaufenstraße 1

80801 Munich


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