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Green and Purple Succulents

Of Green Skin and Red Hair

Over lumpy green hills behind lush sky-scraping trees lay a small town encircled by a high wall, decked in brightly hued sweet peas and clematis, which in springtime would fill the town with a sweet fragrance. Butterflies would dance to the chirping of birds as they hopped from one flower to the other. 

Help for Greys 


“It’s going to rain.”

Emma stared out the window at the bright skies as she ran the brush through the old woman’s hair. There was little resistance. The silver strands sifted through the bristles like fluffy clouds. 

“It doesn't look like it.” 

“My arthritis is acting up. That only happens when it’s about to rain.”


Obike – A strong heart 

It was June when we met. That month when the clouds opened themselves up and let torrents of rain fall. When scantily-dressed children danced and chased each other in the rain. When badly-thatched roofs showed their weakness, and furniture and other household items had to be moved to more secure locations. When everyone brought out plastic and metal pails or other containers and placed them beneath the eaves, and watched with joy as the brown liquid flowed into the buckets because that meant they would be spared the long walk to the river, for the next few days at least.   

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