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  Selected Reviews for "The Bodies That Move"

Kirkus Reviews:
(...) Ngene's conversational prose style effectively captures the pressures of Nosa's plight. The story also offers some insight on the hazardous conditions of migrants attempting to travel from Africa to Europe; Nosa’s own journey is shown to be a long and dangerous one that crosses international boundaries, war-torn countries, and even the Sahara Desert.

BookLife Prize:

From the very first page of the book, readers will know they are in the hands of a good writer, but soon they will realize they are under the spell of a great one. Ngene writes sparely, cleanly, and with quiet force

Matt McAvoy, Senior Editor of MJV Literary Author Services:

(...) This outstanding fictionalized chronicle by Bunye Ngene tells this particular part of their story in its full, shocking detail, from a writer who undoubtedly knows the reality, rather than simply rehashing the emotive triggers of competing news media narratives.

His (Ngene's) book is fascinating – and utterly appalling. With an appropriately detached objectivity, this tremendous book doesn’t try to sugar-coat the refugees, or blame everything on external inequalities (...)

The revelations Ngene impart in such a matter-of-fact tone will make even the chilliest blood boil; (...) His calm demeanour and writing style are alluring, easing you effortlessly into what might otherwise be an entirely inhospitable read.  

All in all, it is a superbly impressive book, which I strongly recommend for those of a political opinion from either wing; I genuinely believe both sides might learn something – I did – and that it is first-hand stories like this which will enable all but the most extremist to find a common ground for dialogue on an always relevant, always sensitive subject. This is, in a nutshell, a very important book, by an outstanding writer. 

Christopher Rhine, Reedsy Discovery:

An important journey that gives one a better understanding of how unfree freedom can be. (...) The editing between time periods never fails to lose my attention and further fleshes out the dire circumstances of the present. The parts that did not work as well for me were the secondary characters that we meet along the way but are quickly forgettable. Apart from that, this book is a thoroughly enjoyable read about a journey that is repeatedly mentioned in the West but never in detail. We read the headlines of “ Migrants Stranded in Mediterranean” but never know how that stranding actually came to be. In this way Bunye Ngene provides the important and necessary missing link. I would recommend this book to most of those interested in reading a debut, contemporary story from an author worthy of our attention.

Tammy Ruggles, Readers' Favorite:

The Bodies That Move by Bunye Ngene is a riveting novel about what it means to immigrate to another country for safety, security, and a chance at a better life. (...)

Ngene has created a much underreported, misunderstood account of what it means to leave your home country in search of a better life elsewhere. (...)

As for Ngene's writing style, it's smooth, descriptive, and well-paced. You will instantly find yourself in his shoes, and even though hard, you'll be glad you took the journey with him. The Bodies That Move by Bunye Ngene tells a unique story of survival and dreams.

Kristel Greer, Goodreads review:

(...) Nosa's story is so vivid and palpable that I easily and unsettlingly transported myself into his distressing experiences. He was an intriguing character in many ways. He was deeply contemplative which brought out all his inner thoughts, feelings and developed his character. This helped bring the story to life in a more human and realistic way. His longing for a better future while risking his life for the betterment of his family spoke volumes of his courage and integrity. I was in awe of his survival instinct and endurance. I couldn’t help but get emotionally attached to him and genuinely fear for his life as he travelled. This was definitely a 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 read and as a debut novel it was impressively written and showed such skill and development in the plot and characters. I eagerly look forward to reading more of Bunye's work in the future.

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